Day one was very very hopeful.

Simon peed on the pee pad quite a bit. 

He missed, but still had the right idea. Every time he would pee or poo on the pad, he would get a piece of chicken. The store bought treats are a hit and miss with him.

We don't reprimand him when he makes a mistake, but we do say, "no!" and lift him to the pad. 

Is that the right thing to do???


When Si and I came home this morning, he ran down the hall playfully, but LITERALLY when we entered the house - maybe 3 steps for him - he peed right on the floor. I didn't even close the door yet.

Then I said, "no!" placed him on the mat in the bathroom and he peed a little. 

I didn't give him a treat, and he moved around me and peed on the tile. I moved him to the pad and he didn't pee at all. He walked out and peed near the kitchen stools. Then I said no again...and he stopped, walked a few feet forward and peed in the living room floor. 

Phew! I think I was so overwhelmed I just opened the door to the patio where more pads are. 

He walked around the patio pads while I got the chicken. Sure enough, he pooped! He pooped!!! 

I got back into the house to find this though:

A lot of peeeeeeee to clean up. 

HELP!! What's your technique? Our Si is a Dachshund which can be a particular breed, I heard.

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