Who is more anxious? ✈️ Air travel

We flew to SoCal to take the boys to the vet (yeah, seriously...I know) since Mega's mom is taking care of them. 

We've been having trouble potty training all of them at once, so we decided to do it one by one.

Right now, it's Simon's turn. Here's how it went down.


on the plane


We were prepared for Si to have a melt down. He can whine his butt off, he can bark and pierce your ear drums. It's all been done before. He's also never been separated from Charlie, so we've been very nervous about that transition.

On the first day, we got Si familiar with his dog sling and bag.

He tolerated the bag, but loved the sling

We used training treats to motivate him to get into the bag. This dog is FOOD DRIVEN.

He was a bit antsy at the airport - it was packed!

To calm him down, Jeremy got him a Pupperchino - whipped cream from Starbucks. We also gave him a variety of treats - Beggin' strips, Zukes, and Milkbones.

Before take off we were REALLY anxious and Jeremy got a chicken wrap as a nuclear option if sh** went down on the plane. We don't need eyeballs on us. 

During taxi we gave him lots of rubs and kisses and treats. During take off or whenever the plane would grumble, we would give him a treat. 

An hour and a half later. We made it. We landed. Nothing happened.

Si slept the entire way, except for take off and landing. And maybe saying hi to our neighbor sitting beside Jeremy. He looked out the window a few times, but didn't seem intrigued - as if he's done the whole flying thing before. 

He didn't pee at the pet relief station, he didn't pee on the way to the car, he didn't pee on the grass by the house.

We brought him home to potty train him. He's the stubborn one out of the three. Also the smartest, we believe out of the three.

We got help from our Reddit community , but seriously ... I think I need a major spa day. 

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