Beyond oceans

I read online - distance makes the heart grow fonder.  

Sure. But it doesn’t change the fact that it sucks!

Jeremy and I have been apart for almost a month now. He is in California, while I’m here in Indonesia.

8447 miles apart.


It sucks not being able to come home to him, hold his hand, be hugged, and just do absolutely nothing but snuggle on the couch. 

And I can totally be a Debbie downer here, but I’ve realized something. Our love is incredible! Regardless of distance, despite the fact that the Pacific divides us— our love stays strong. 

We have been to appreciate our time together by talking on the phone, being creative at giving each other gifts, and really focusing on the love languages we are able to express.


my handsome man during FaceTime.

my handsome man during FaceTime.

We talk on the phone every single day. Every single time he calls - I get so excited just to hear his voice or to see his face of FaceTime. With the distance, however, we can’t get enough of one another. On the weekends— we can talk up to 9 or so hours. On the weekdays— a fraction of it, but a lot before and after his work.



When we’re talking about love languages... gifts isn’t the highest priority in our relationship. However, in this case we have the opportunity to exercise that.  

I found an online website that allows me to send cards or notes to anywhere Jeremy is.  

(link: ) 

He sent me a photo right away and said how much he loved it and how much it meant to him. You know, I don’t think my words or cards would be able to express my feelings for this man — but I sure as heck can try! 

Jeremy is very thoughtful and detail-oriented (he’s got so many others too!) and he just is full of surprises. After the first week in Indonesia, I got a vase of flowers. Wow.  

He doesn’t speak the language, he doesn’t know the exact address of where I live, but he found ways to make sure that I got the flowers. Flowers= to stop and truly appreciate what we have now & for what’s to come. 


And I hate to brag - but he got me more the following week.  



My point here is: I am one luck you woman and know that for others who are in a long distance relationship, there are ways to show your love - regardless of where you’re at.  

Side note: I bought him dinner one night via delivery. I like Uber Eats, but also like Postmates.  



I want to end this post with this. Reach for the stars, just like our dog  

There will be moments where you feel hollow because your partner isn’t near you, but know that with the right person - they are going to always wait, fight with and for you, and love you unconditionally — no distance or time could separate that.