Save the headache


save yourself

avoid Palo Alto IKEA


Where do we begin?

We should've known it from the start. IKEA in Palo Alto is designed weird - starting from its parking lot. It's just not functionally efficient. The line to get food was decent, but everyone and their moms were hogging up all of the cafeteria seats that we ended up vulturing around a couple for a table. We did it! We ate our meatballs! 

The journey continued through the showroom where a teenage girl was yelling and crying "dad! why? bete!" It seemed her dad went through the emergency door for whatever reason and an IKEA employee was chasing after him while yelling, "sir! sir!"

It was pure confusion. 

In the warehouse - it took us several minutes to find our items and head out to the checkout line. Success? NO.

Our cashier on isle #19 was very slow. We stayed in line full of optimism, until we hit the 30 minute mark. What in the world?! There were five customers ahead. Then four. Then three. Then two. Then one. We were next! We were next! 

But of course, the mayhem doesn't end there. A man holding one single lightbulb wanted to get ahead of us. Mind you, we've been holding our breaths for such a long time - that lack of oxygen has really caused our blood to boil. Jeremy said - NO. A firm no, while I just avoided any form of eye contact and pretended not to notice. Way to go non-confrontational me.

The only reason I'm putting this post in the travel category -- it's because it was a hell of an experience. From start to finish - it was an ongoing feeling of 'wow! can this be?!'

Lesson: don't go to the IKEA in Palo Alto on the weekends. It's crazy.